December 10, 2018

Theresa May’s Government was yesterday held in contempt of Parliament.  A historic vote holding the UK government in 'contempt of parliament’, the first time in modern history that ministers have been reprimanded by the House of Commons in this way.

Yet there is a much bigger question with much more serious consequences. Are our Parliamentarians in contempt of the UK electorate? Lord Mandelson called it out when the referendum bill was first debated, the former EU Commissioner, said any vote would be a “lottery” in which the electorate would be swayed by irrelevant issues.

“We should be very wary of putting our membership in the hands of a lottery in whi...

April 17, 2018

Are you an SME business that wants to nail their cash flow goals for the coming few months? Here are 5 things that you must have in your to-do list – check them out:

1. Forecast your Cash Flow in Advance

Planning your payment for the next months and predicting how much you are going to spend and where will give you a better idea of budgeting. Ideally, your forecast should be for the next 12 months, where you list down all income and cost responsibilities, and also take into account variations, irregularities and changes caused by market conditions. Being prepared for what lies ahead will limit your exposure to potential financial difficulties.

2. Add a Bu...

March 19, 2018

While it may seem really difficult to explore financing options for your business through a moneylender or bank, there are always great choices available for SME businesses if you look at the right places.

Take a look at these 7 things you probably don’t know about commercial finance in UK for SME businesses:

1. Regardless of Cash Flow Difficulties in the Past, You Can Still Get Secure Funding to Expand and Grow Your Business

Invoice financing is ideal for small to medium sized businesses who have either been victims of late payment or need capital resources to fund their expansion plans and growth goals.

2. You Can Invest in Assets Without Damaging Your C...

March 15, 2018

Commercial finance options for SME businesses in the UK have exploded in recent years. While traditional lending from mainstream banks is still available, the proliferation of avenues available to a business looking to use finance to grow can be a difficult and complex space to navigate.

Therefore, business owners should seek independent expert advice and support when looking at commercial finance options.

Working closely with a commercial finance broker can help you to plan your funding strategically and align the process with your business growth aspirations. Jumping feet first into an agreement with the first lender you come across could affect your c...

January 25, 2018

Yorkshire-based business consultancies ABL Business and Praesum Partners have agreed a partnership deal to provide a specialist commercial funding service to high worth entrepreneurs and their businesses across the globe.

June 11, 2017

Ask your Finance Director to tell you what amount you spend on electricity each month. If it comes to more than £100,000 there is something you can do to put around £70,000 straight back on to the bottom line, with out any capital outlay.

LED lighting is significantly more efficient than conventional lamps. If you consider that for most conventional businesses around 80 to 90% of their electric bills relate to lighting then you will understand the opportunity. The process is not disruptive and most refits can be done in one or two days. LED lamps produce on average savings of between 50 and 70% compared with conventional lighting.

It does not have to be...

June 11, 2017


If you reflect on the considerable tax advantages of approved pension plans you will appreciate the tax deductibility of your contributions, the income tax and capital gains tax free growth of the fund as well as it's inheritance tax free status. Approximately a quarter of the accumulated fund can be taken as a tax free benefit on retirement with the remainder of the benefits being taxable at your your normal tax rate. Starting from that position, it might seem impossible to find a longterm savings plan without the benefit of the approved status that can provide comparable benefits and yet there are compelling alternatives. One such alternative, and...

June 11, 2017

The election campaign has made the public more aware of this terrible unfairness, and the realisation that families up and down the country are being forced to sell their homes and part with a lifetime of savings to pay for essential care.

The public outcry, demonstrated at the ballot box, highlighted the strength of feeling and it is likely that over time more sensible and fair policies will be adopted. The problem however exists now, yet there are simple steps that every family should consider, to protect protect themselves and their lifetime savings.

First and foremost making a Will, while you still have full mental capacity  is fundamental to express...

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