If you are part of almost two thirds of the UK population that has not made a Will you need advice- NOW. Maybe you have made a Will, but when did you make it, or last review it? Wills and Trusts are dynamic you are not the person you were 10 years ago or even 1 year ago and the circumstances of your loved ones will not remain unchanged either. Your Will should not be locked in a safe and forgotten about it needs to be reviewed regularly for changes in laws, your own circumstances and those of your loved ones.


Almost as unfortunate as dying without a Will is dying with an invalid Will, one improperly drafted, or executed incorrectly. It is easy and relatively inexpensive to protect the ones you care about and love. Don't procrastinate or put off making or reviewing your Will. This is not a decision you will live to regret but it is one that your family and dependents definitely will if you don't act.

And remember if you have dependants you are never too young to make a Will or a family  protection trust.

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Investment strategy is not a mercurial science known only to the few, mostly it is common sense. Protect what you have already, if you have shares or interests in unquoted businesses make sure there is available liquidity for contingent events. Recognise where true value lies, for example, in unquoted shares in a business the true value is in the voting power. if you command 51% of the votes you can control dividends and directors remuneration. Avoiding fragmenting control by using trusts, particularly in cases of divorce can be fundamental to preserving family wealth.

Diversifying your investments is the best way to manage investment risk. Create balanced investment strategies, don't concentrate all your time and resources on one asset class, for example property, your business or a single deposit account. Use structures like family investment companies or partnerships to involve other family members and allow them to become accustomed to managing wealth. Do use specialists in areas you are unfamiliar with but make sure you understand the charges for investment management, the managers track record and the risk profile of those investments. Understand yourself, and take responsibility for your decisions do not abdicate responsibility to advisors, so you can blame some one else for your own choices. Then you will prosper in wealth generation and experience.

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What ever your business, it is only sustainable in the longer term if the resources required to operate it are also sustainable. We take electricity for granted to the point of complacency. at times. Yet for an average business in the UK around 85 to 90% of the electricity consumed is down to lighting. It is possible to save up to 70% of that lighting cost by switching to LED. If your annual electric bill is £100,000 or more we can help. The switch can be immediate with 100% finance, repaid out of the savings typically over an 18month period.


what's more investing surplus cash in your business into energy saving projects can produce compelling asset backed predictable longterm yields of around 6%. These type of investments can preserve the trading nature of your business making sure your interest in the business continues to qualify for tax reliefs like IHT Business relief.

As a business owner you have spent many hours, many days and probably years creating your vision and building a legacy for the future. You know the corporate plan down to the last detail and the budget to the penny. You have employees who have been with you from the start and lived with you through the dark times -there have been a few- And what will happen to the business if something happens to you, not necessarily losing your life? For example if you lost mental capacity through being in a coma after an accident or medical complication? Who would have the authority to make the decisions needed to keep the business running until your rehabilitation is completed. Who would help the employees deal with the the trauma such an event might cause them or other traumatic events at work or in their personal lives so they remain happy, focussed and productive at work? Investing in your employees mental health is investing in your business and also protecting it.

What taxes are inherent in the business ownership that would impact the sustainability of the business if you were involved in a fatal incident like a terrorist attack, while you were travelling on business?

It won't take hours or days to protect what you have spent a life time building or to protect the the major assets of the business the people that followed your dream. Spend a few minutes and protect what you value.

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