Who is really guilty of contempt?

Theresa May’s Government was yesterday held in contempt of Parliament. A historic vote holding the UK government in 'contempt of parliament’, the first time in modern history that ministers have been reprimanded by the House of Commons in this way.

Yet there is a much bigger question with much more serious consequences. Are our Parliamentarians in contempt of the UK electorate? Lord Mandelson called it out when the referendum bill was first debated, the former EU Commissioner, said any vote would be a “lottery” in which the electorate would be swayed by irrelevant issues.

“We should be very wary of putting our membership in the hands of a lottery in which we have no idea what factors, completely unrelated to Europe, will affect the outcome,”

The EU referendum was not a routine election, but it was campaigned with the same vitriol as a general election and without regard to the real facts. The likely economic outcome was a key issue, the trouble is that voters were bombarded by rhetoric and by “studies and projections” which offered totally conflicting analyses. Voters could not know which side in the debate engaged in thorough conscientious research or research based on untested assumptions, that was doing no more than making unsolicited assertions to back their own campaign agenda.

And that is the contempt, which brings us to where we are now, which ironically also mirrors the comments of Lord Thomas of Swynnerton, who suggested referendums are alien to British philosophy.

“Parliament makes decisions, not the people,” he said, quoting former Prime Minister James Callaghan.

Parliament would be advised to unify take control of the issue and solve the problem which they have created, absent individual or party-political agendas.

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